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5 F&B Tech you need in 2022

Even more so in the post-pandemic period, your F&B business must keep up with technological developments if it is to thrive and survive.

You will need to identify technologies that will assist in optimizing your business in light of consumer behavior, and this is especially important in light of the current labor crisis and supply chain interruptions.

In other words, we’re here to assist business owners who haven’t yet realized the benefits of utilizing technology to their fullest extent.

Here are the top 5 f&b technologies of 2022 that will ensure your establishment’s success.

1. Touchscreen POS

2. In-Table Ordering & pay

3. Paying with a Contactless Reader

4. Printers for Issuing Receipts

5. Automatic Web-Based Payment Processing

1. Touchscreen POS

Touchscreen point-of-sale terminals streamline the ordering process, allowing you to take more orders in less time and so increase your profits.

Nevertheless, modern point-of-sale the (POS) systems do more than only handle financial transactions. Additionally, they can:

– Produce timely records and summaries

– Eliminate tedious manual processes by automating them.
– Facilitate the organization of stock, personnel, and clientele

– Assist with making financial records simpler and more organized.

Furthermore, there’s a lot more!

All of these allow you to concentrate on making better data-driven business decisions that will lead to more sales rather than spending time on mundane administrative tasks.

Also, make sure the POS system you choose has a straightforward interface that new employees can pick up quickly.

If you want the flexibility to manage your business whenever and wherever you choose, a cloud-based point-of-sale system (like HOSTT) is the way to go.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s more information regarding point-of-sale systems and why you need one.

2. Place Your Order and Make Your Payment at the Table

We are now entering the endemic phase, which means that social distance and contactless measures will remain in place indefinitely. Because of this, modern diners prioritize three factors: security, velocity, and efficacy.

The Order & Pay at the Table model meets all of your criteria.

It’s a QR table ordering system that doesn’t involve any physical touch, so consumers can place orders and pay from the comfort of their own phones.

Because of its ease of use, your clients and employees may rest easy.

It also allows you to streamline corporate processes by allowing you to:

Faster table turns mean better service.

Save money on labour.

– Minimize mistakes made by people

– Please respond more quickly.

– promotes productiveness in operations

– Useful information for better customer comprehension

– Boost revenue by enticing buyers to increase the size of their orders.


3. The convenience of contactless payments

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has hastened the widespread acceptance of contactless payments, but it’s also true that, thanks to the prevalence of online payment options, less individuals these days have a lot of cash on them.

You can simply tap or swipe to complete the action.

At a time when sanitation is of the utmost importance, it keeps consumers and employees from coming into needless physical contact.

It’s a safe and convenient way to pay that only takes about 15 seconds of your time.

A wide variety of well-known means of payment are at your disposal.

– Bkash

– Nagad

– Debit/Credit Card

Indeed, there’s more!

If you haven’t already, provide contactless payment options for your clients.

4.Printers for receipts

Whatever kind of business you’re doing, a receipt printer is an absolute must.

In addition to printing receipts, they can also be used for other purposes. Many restaurants, for instance, make use of kitchen printers to keep track of food orders.

For this reason, any business owner running a cafe or restaurant should invest in one for their front- and back-of-house staff.

When you have a kitchen printer, you won’t have to send employees back and forth to collect order receipts, which will improve efficiency. This will allow your cooks to get to work on an order as soon as it comes in, which will cut down on wait time.

5. Integrated Web-Based Ordering System

Many eating restaurants have relied heavily on online ordering systems in the previous two years.

Food delivery has established a new consumer habit, with 52% of people still depending on it even after the COVID-19 peak and the return of dine-ins.

Thus, it is reasonable to assume that this trend will continue.

There are, however, two major categories of online meal ordering systems: first-party systems and third-party systems. Instead of having consumers place orders with third-party delivery services, you could offer an integrated online ordering system (like Foodpanda) that allows them to place orders directly with your restaurant for self pick-up or delivery.

You may save money on third-party delivery services and have more influence over the quality of your customers’ interactions with your business.

Investing in cutting-edge tech is a future-proofing move.

Get all you need and more in the HOSTT ecosystem instead of picking and selecting individual technologies.

It’s more than just a point-of-sale system; it’s an omnichannel system that helps you streamline processes so you can give your consumers the BEST experience possible.


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